Misakicho Church

Birth― Rebirth― Service
Very early in the last century, metropolitan Tokyo witnessed the birth of what has developed into a very significant urban Christian church. In 1908 the Misakicho (Baptist) Church was founded and quickly grew to accommodate the heavily populated community centered around Kanda. Life in the city bustled around factories, stores, schools, and family homes. Misakicho Church was integral to this area offering Sunday Services - worship and church school, Night Schools for men and women, Kindergarten and Nursery Schools during the week, as well as clinics and numerous other outreach activities.
Misfortune, however, struck the church on several occasions: fire in 1913, earthquake in 1923, and the air raids of World War II. Through physical damage the church's spiritual strength endured, and the church was repaired or rebuilt each time.
Other significant changes have also affected this church and its mission, namely, modernization and secularization. Following World War II, the complexion of the community rapidly changed. Economic prosperity and business development initiated a "flight to the suburbs" and rendered the once-residential community an urban center. Modernization also led to increasing secularism and further reduced the percentage of the population interested in Christian spirituality.
Nonetheless, Misakicho Church has endeavored to cope faithfully with all these changes. Faithful members travel long distances from the outlying areas to keep the Sunday services viable, while planning new ways to present the Gospel in this urban environment, continues to challenge the membership. Two such innovations have been noon and evening services for businesspeople.
In 1993 the church celebrated the dedication of yet another new building. This significant financial investment is a concrete witness to Misakicho Church's commitment to address the spiritual needs of its community and to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ well in the 21st century!

Yusuke Miguchi - Minister
Sunday Service 10:30-11:40
Church School 9:15-10:20
(Kindergarten, Primary and High School)
Noon Service Thurs. 12:20-12:40
Piano Classes Tues., Wed., and Fri.